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How To Use LinkedIn To Position Your Perfectly For Your Next Dream Role 

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Are you serious and ready about making your next career move in 2018?  If so then you will need to get your LinkedIn into shape and strategically aligned to your goal of landing your next dream role. In this free resource pack you will discover all that plus:

  • How to attract the right opportunities without looking desperate.
  • What never to do on LinkedIn when you want to attract a high quality new role / employer.
  • Why everything you have learned about LinkedIn is wrong and what do to instead.


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P.S. Want more detail on what it covers?  

  1. The exact steps to attract your next ideal role including:
    • Your career acceleration strategy 
    • What is LinkedIn & how it fits into a wider career acceleration strategy
    • A brief intro and it's main features that can support your strategy
    • Top 10 reasons to use LinkedIn (some of these may surprise you!)                                                                                             
  2. How to use linkedIn to position yourself as the perfect candidate for your next dream role including: 
    • Differences between LinkedIn and your CV                                                                       
    • Creating a winning LinkedIn profile 
      • Your intro including headshot, background image, headline and summary 
      • Experience (career history) including adding media 
      • Accomplishments including projects 
      • Skills, endorsements & recommendations                                                                                                                                                 
    • Building your network and LinkedIn etiquette        
    • Strategically aligned worthwhile ongoing activity