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A ‘leveraged career’ enables you to unleash your full potential  - for positive impact and a bigger income - without sacrificing what matters most like your health, relationships or values”


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★ What Nobody Tells You That Can Make You Feel Like A Failure And Stop You Enjoying Your Career 

★ The Career Cycle You Must Understand To Rise To The Top Of Your Profession 

★ How To Clearly See Where You Are Now And Where To Put Your Attention To Get Where You Want To Be Next

★ The Little Known LinkedIn Setting That Really Gets You Noticed

★ The Hidden Truth About 'Champagne' Promotions That Costs You Tens Of Thousands In Rises 

Identify And Develop Your Signature Strengths So You Can Operate In Any Environment With Whilst Staying True To Yourself 

★ The Potential Costs Of Getting It Wrong - And How To Avoid Those Deadly Mistakes 

★ The Number 1 Shift That Will Ease Your Journey To Long Term Success And Enable You To Accomplish What Seems Impossible With Grace And Ease

★ Client Case Studies From Professionals Just Like You, Who Leapt Forward In Their Careers Using These Strategies, And How You Can Do The Same  


By the way, these are the exact same strategies I used to secure six 5-figure pay rises in my career.  I am not claiming I can guarantee you those exact same results. I am saying my advice and guidance comes from a place of real life experience not theory. 

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I work with ambitious yet values driven professionals who are stepping up into their next big role. They make an instant and impressive impact within the first 3-6 months without sacrificing their personal lives.  I show you a proven and reliable way to gain credibility quickly, grow in confidence, and deliver high value - even while navigating new and unfamiliar business landscapes when the stakes are high.